Production 1 – Write-up

The video “Petra Bachmaier: Art as an Experience” is a presentation of work she and her team has done in the realm of video art and explains the meanings behind their projects and the process. She makes these projects to discover and relate to the world we live in and to show others how to think about the space around them as well. She goes on to say that art has the ability to connect people and can make their experiences interlock, even though their perception of it may be different. This speech has resemblance to writer Neil Gaiman’s speech, “Inspirational Commencement”, where he conveys the message to “make good art”. And not for the sake of making money, doing a job, or for commission, but because it would fulfil you to see something from your creative mind exist.

I appreciated the kind of work Bachmaier has done for the sake of interaction and immersion throughout different communities, attracting mounds of people so that they can experience something together. Similarly, Gaiman makes his point of relating and connecting to people through your art, through their art and the understanding of whatever it may be. Both create art with the general understanding and purpose to link people through it.

Pop Media Research – Japanese Media

What form(s) you plan to work in?

I am planning to work with Manga illustration mostly and animation for visual effects.

 What artists are you looking at, and what similarities or differences exist between these artists’ works?

Kentaro Miura, who illustrates the manga Berserk and Katsuhiro Otomo who created the Akira manga.

Both artists have nearly identical approaches to details in scenes and the attention paid to them. They also draw very realistically and hold that style to high importance for the sake of immersion and how much breakthrough it will have to the viewer.

For the animation aspect, I am taking into account that each frame will be hand-drawn to give it a similar fluid motion aesthetic as Akira had.

I am also loosely taking inspiration from Daigo Ikeno, who has done the character concept art for Street Fighter: 3rd Strike and Naoto “Bengus” Kuroshima who did the character art for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Their character designs allow them to be animated easily with a diverse and unique set of movements while still staying true to their character’s form and personality.

What are the tools and materials usually used in production?

When illustrating Berserk, Miura uses a dip pen and ink for lines, ink brushes to shade in darker tones and toned gray paper to draw on for the grey shading and added on patterns.

Otomo illustrates In the animation process for Akira, cell animation was used and on each were pencil sketches to map out fluidity and movement of the scenes, while each frame was painted individually by the animation team.